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Indian Wedding Photography In Vancouver

Indian Wedding Photography

India is famous for its vibrant cultural diversity and the colourfulness of each different culture. Indian weddings are indeed strong evidence to prove this. With its considerable popularity, Indian Diaspora is spread across the world.

If you are someone belonging to the Indian community of Vancouver or is fond of Indian traditions and you are planning or expect to plan your wedding in Indian style soon, here we will discuss some information on Vancouver wedding photography; especially Indian wedding photography Vancouver.

Photography is one of the main components of a wedding and one of the factors that you should plan while giving much consideration.

Pre-Shoot For Indian Wedding Photography

Pre-Shoot photography is a new trend that is much popular nowadays. Many studios include pre-wedding photo shoot sessions in their pre-wedding photography packages. Some couples choose to keep the pre-shoot casual; however, most of the couples like to create unique themes for their pre-shoots.

Following the Indian theme, you can discuss with the Indian Wedding photography service as for how you can make your pre-shoot significant. You can also contact a wedding videographer and make a video of your wedding pre-shoot.

Apart from the pictures taken under a theme, you can also include your “Vatna” (applying the turmeric and mustard oil paste on the bride) ritual and other pre-wedding rituals and ceremonies such as the Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony to your pre-shoot.

Many Vancouver wedding photographers offer pre-shoot with their Indian wedding photography package.

Engagement Photography

Under Indian wedding photography, most of the Vancouver wedding photographers include engagement party photography and engagement portrait photography service. You can either hire the same Vancouver wedding photographer you expect to hire for the wedding ceremony or another wedding photographer Vancouver based.

Engagement session photography can cost from 500 US Dollars to 1000 US Dollars. However, it might be more convenient to book the same photographer as you get to make sure of the professionalism of the photographer from the engagement photography and other pre-wedding photography sessions.

Indian Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding photography Vancouver has much to offer for your needs in capturing the wedding day celebrations. Most of the Vancouver photography companies have packages that prove the fact that affordable wedding photography Vancouver is possible to find.

The average cost of a general Indian wedding photography package is based on the factors of coverage time (length), products included in the collection and the number of shooters. However, the prices can increase or decrease according to other factors such as the experience and the brand value of the wedding photographer Vancouver you are hiring.

Indian wedding ceremonies have many beautiful segments on the wedding day such as the wedding parade; the main rituals happen on the Mandap (circling the seven rounds, etc.) and many more.

It is better to make sure you hire a Vancouver photography company that offers at least two wedding photographers so that you do not miss any of the essential rituals, traditions and other memorable and emotional moments. The average cost to cover 10 hours can be taken as 3000 – 4000 US Dollars.

Sikh Wedding

Sikh engagement sessions are called Karmai, and following the engagement, there are “Vatna,” “Gharoli” (the bride and the groom bathing with holy water) and many other rituals. As the wedding rituals of the people following Sikhism are much religious, if your wedding ceremony is to be held in Sikh traditions, it is better to discuss the scope of the Indian wedding photography.

There might be restrictions concerning Sikh wedding photography Vancouver and wedding cinematography in some Gurdwaras if you choose to hold the wedding in a Gurdwara. Wedding procession, which is called the “Baraat,” and the main wedding ritual, is called “Anand Karaj.”

The photos of the “Baraat” will be an exciting addition to your wedding, and you can ask for wedding cinematography so the wedding videographer can capture the whole procession in action. As “Anand Karaj” involves many religious components you might need to discuss with your Indian wedding photography service provider as for how the photographs should be taken.

East Indian Weddings

The Bengalis and Assamese mainly follow East Indian Wedding Traditions. Under the East Indian wedding photography, Vancouver sections the marriage procession of the groom is similarly important as it is in many other Indian cultures. One of the most photogenic rituals of a Bengali wedding is when the bride is taken around the groom seven times by her male relatives while she is sitting on a wooden stool. This segment can also be captured through wedding videography as it is meaningful as well as an energetic ritual.

Punjabi Weddings

Punjabis are known for their energetic, fun-filled nature, and if you are planning to hold a Punjabi wedding Vancouver, make sure you have enough photographers to grab all the beautiful moments of the wedding. Punjabi pre-wedding photography can be applied to the Rokka (pre-engagement), Mangni (Engagement), Sagai (getting the blessings of parents), Sangeeth (musical ceremony), Mehendi Ceremony and many other rituals and events.

You can discuss with the Vancouver wedding photographer as for what segments you want to be covered and the prices accordingly. However, during the main Punjabi wedding ceremony, rituals such as putting on the Mangalsutra is the main photographed events as they are the most important ones.


Generally, wedding reception photography is included in the packages of many Vancouver wedding photography companies.  In many traditions included in Indian wedding reception photography, the wedding reception is held after the main wedding rituals. However, Assamese weddings hold the wedding reception where they offer their invitees a feast before the wedding ceremony. Indian wedding reception photography mainly captures how your loved ones enjoy your big day.

Wedding Cinematography

Apart from photography, as mentioned in several instances above, wedding cinematography can be used to make sure that you are not missing anything special from your wedding day. Energetic, action-filled and vibrant segments of Indian weddings such as the wedding procession, the Mandap rituals and the bride and groom garland each other moment can be beautifully photographed, but it is an excellent choice to use wedding cinematography to save them in live action media.

Even though you are living miles apart from your roots, it is possible to celebrate the most significant moment of your relationship according to your traditions. Moreover, it will add an otherwise unachievable meaning to your wedding.

AAA Movies is a leading Indian wedding photography comapny and we offer affordable Indian wedding photography packages. Get in touch with us if you have any inquires.


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