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Many couples are in doubt when choosing the right wedding cinematographer. Wedding films can give you a unique insight into your day like no other medium, but finding the best person for the job is critical.

When choosing the right wedding cinematography company for your needs, you should find that the wedding cinematographers you are considering should be active in your area. It’s easy to see the work of all wedding cinematography companies near me.


Have you ever sat through a relative’s wedding video and thought to yourself, “Wow. This is really boring.” We feel you.

wedding videos

Most wedding videos that people are used to seeing contain scenes upon scenes of all the day’s events. This type of wedding video, also known as wedding videography, aims to document every event and detail without missing a beat.

Wedding Cinema

On the other hand, wedding cinematography is entirely different in style and technique. Just like the term suggests, cinematic videos flow like movies.

 They are a collection of carefully curated clips of the day’s highlights. The camera angles, resolution, coloration, and editing style are different from traditional videography. A cinematic wedding video is short, gripping, and aesthetically pleasing.

Quality Wedding Cinematography

Features of a Cinematic Video

Cinematography comprises all on-screen visual elements, including lighting, framing, composition, camera motion, camera angles, film selection, lens choices, depth of field, zoom, focus, colour, exposure, and filtration.

Treasure The Magic Of Your Special Day

AAA Movies Surrey possesses the state-of-the-art, latest, and most exclusive equipment used for wedding cinematography, and With years of experience, we know precisely how to adapt our services and equipment to suit any venue, weather, and time.

We promise to make your wedding video a truly masterful cinematic experience that will bring joy every time you watch it.

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Wedding Videos

wedding Cinematography

Wedding videos have become increasingly popular.
It makes sense; because moving pictures are always more exciting than still images, aren’t they?

However, this is not to say that every video made with a video camera is worth treasuring. Not everybody knows which strings to pull to create a beautifully captured, masterfully edited, and smoothly flowing cinematic movie.

Benefits of Choosing Wedding Cinematography

While we cannot speak for everyone and say wedding cinematography is better than wedding videography, we sure do have reasons why it is a better fit for your special day.

A Magnificent Storytelling Experience

Your story is unique, beautiful, and, most of all, it's worth telling.
Instead of recording everything, – we will compile everything worth saving into a compact little video.
You can choose the aesthetic and the style of storytelling technique according to your preferences.

Minimal disturbance

A wedding is a place of joy. This is why it could sometimes be annoying when a wedding videographer keeps recording every single moment, from start to finish.
With wedding cinematography, you will not have a videographer rolling his tripod here to there every few seconds. We will be moving around in the venue spontaneously, capturing the magic of the moment but will not be filming anything and everything the entire time.

Choose What You Like To Capture.

When you work with a responsible wedding cinematographer like AAA Movies, you get the freedom of choosing what the video should include and exclude.

Customize The Style And Feel of Your Video

Apart from being a moment when two hearts are united, weddings can also be a space where your creativity can express itself.

Are you running out of ideas?

Hire Top Rated Wedding Cinematographer

Don’t worry. Our wedding cinematography team Surrey has some amazingly unique concepts that might be the inspiration you are looking for.