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Hottest Vancouver Wedding Photography Trends

A wedding is one of the most important and cherished moments in a person’s life. Everyone wants it to be remembered throughout their lives, and for that, the lovely moments need to be captured in a photograph. You wouldn’t want your wedding photos to be either too trendy nor outdated when your kids are all grown up. Here are some of the hottest Vancouver wedding photography trends which exist.

Shooting the Proposal

Many grooms hire Vancouver wedding photography service to capture the sweet moments of their proposal so it will never be forgotten with time. They can also share it later with their friends and family. This is becoming a more popular trend nowadays.

Incorporating Instagram

Another trend is creating unique hashtags for guests to use when uploading photos on Instagram and Twitter. That way, you can also witness your own wedding in the guest’s eyes later on. You will be able to catch some moments which you missed and enjoy them later. Not only that but now you can also print hardcover books, postcards etc. of the pictures uploaded on Instagram with apps like Artifact Uprising.

Brady Bunch-Style Bridal Party Photos

Another new wedding photography Vancouver trend is creating graphic grids of playful photos taken at the bridal parties. These can later be gifted to the closest friends and family who spent a lot of time and money for the celebrations, as a token of gratitude after all the wedding celebrations are over.

Stop-Motion Wedding Photo Film

This is a new Vancouver wedding photography trend of taking still pictures and animating them, which can be used in a video with music of your choice. Stop-motion photos can be used to make a small trailer of your wedding, which you could post on social media or share among your close friends and family.

Bridal Portraits

Any bride invests so much time and effort to look perfect on her wedding. So every bride wants the Vancouver photographer to capture and document her looks properly. Normally they allocate a special time to take portrait photos of themselves on the wedding day, or some even do photoshoots in their wedding dresses before the wedding. Meanwhile, a formal couple of portraits are also taken where traditional styles are highlighted.

Dreamy Film Images

Film images are a very popular trend in Vancouver wedding photography. Same like backlit photos, film images are rich in romance and suits both decor and portrait styles. Although Dreamy film images are really great, those alone shouldn’t be used. It is nicer to use it in between other kinds of photos.

Father-Daughter First Looks

Any bride hardly wants to miss the look on her father’s face when he sees her in white for the first time. This shot has been popular for a very long time and still is. It’s one of the sweetest moments of the day, and every bride wants it captured to be remembered in the future.

Photo Booths with Social Media Integration

Another latest Vancouver wedding photography trend is photo booths with touch screens and internet facilities. In these photo booths, guests can upload the photos on social media the instant they are taken.

Displaying Family Photos

Weddings are about families getting together. Now it has become a trend to display photos of all the generations in the family and hilarious childhood pictures at the wedding reception. It adds both a sentimental and funny value to the reception.

Backlit Photos

Backlit photos are the most romantic type of Vancouver wedding photography trend in today’s wedding photography collections. Natural light coming from behind the subject can give a photo, unbelievably stunning effects. Mostly these photo shots are taken when the sun is rising or setting. The soft, warm and golden sunlight itself can light up a whole image without any kind of fillers.

Day-After Shoots

The wedding day is always super busy and extremely exhausting. Wedding Photographers try their best to capture moments as much as they can between all hasty mess. When you schedule a day-after shooting, you can leisurely cover all the different types of shots you need. Not only that, but you can also select different locations away from your original wedding venue. This is most popular among conscientious couples.

Casual Family Vancouver Wedding Photography

Rather than posing for formal photos with perfect posture, family portraits are better captured casually. This way, the Vancouver photographer can capture pictures rich with emotion. The photographer Vancouver should try random shots while people are chatting, hugging and just being family. You can also make a family portrait that is formal as well as relaxed, by having the family joining a casual group hug.

Overhead Shots

Overhead shots are a great way to capture the liveliness of the wedding day. Most couples have their Vancouver Wedding photography¬†capture overhead shots of themselves and as well as other scenes nowadays. It’s exciting and creative to capture photos at different angles.

Selfie Shots

Some couples set up selfie stations with beautiful backgrounds at their weddings where guests can snap selfies of themselves. Not only the guests will have a wonderful time, but with our Vancouver wedding photography service will also be able to capture authentic moments of them having a great time at your wedding.


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