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Project Description


There is nothing like having a bunch of nice pictures in which you and your beloved are laughing freely or walking hand in hand. There is nothing like the feeling of being captured in your best, natural moments, and only a professional Vancouver wedding photographer is able to do that. Casual shoots are when you are dressed in simple, casual attire with only a very faint touch of makeup. Vancouver Casual Photography has been a growing industry ever since candid photographs went viral. Candid is when you do not pose for a photo, but the photographer captures you in your natural ways of behaviour. Even if the word “casual” has the natural sense of ease and simplicity to it, most Vancouver Casual Photography agents fail at keeping it real.

Casual photo sessions mostly put a lot of pressure on the couple, where they are forced to behave in certain ways, persuaded to feign a particular graceful personality, and fake laugh till they start regretting the decision of picking the wrong wedding photographer Vancouver. With AAA movies Inc, you can now opt for many casual photography trends in Vancouver. As a Vancouver wedding photography service provider with an experience that runs back longer than 40 years, we have witnessed tens and hundreds of couples behave in front of a camera lens, and we do know how to wait past the awkward moments till those brief but fully natural behaviour changes happen.

Vancouver Casual Photography
Vancouver Casual Photography
Vancouver Casual Photography
Vancouver Casual Photography


You might most probably know very little to absolutely nothing about acting. What if some total stranger asks you to act in front of their camera lens so that they can make a short film on you and your partner? This is why most couples do not like the idea of creating a pre-wedding video. As a Vancouver wedding videographer who understands these trepidations, we have an absolute stress-free approach to creating casual videos. We guarantee a fully natural Vancouver videography experience that would not make you feel uneasy about yourself. Being a Vancouver wedding videographer is not easy, especially when the requirement is to create a candid video. Before getting to work, our Vancouver wedding videographer would discuss with you the choice of attire, preference of location and the duration of the video. All these are customizable, and would be decided according to your wish.


  • Patience – Our Vancouver videography and Vancouver Casual Photography services are ready to wait for the best moments to happen. We lurk patiently till you settle to your natural behaviour, and soon you would actually start having fun and forget you are being photographed.

  • Candid Captures – Out of all Vancouver Casual Photography places you can go to, we are the only one that promises you a 100% authenticity in all of your photos. The casualty of the photographs and videos would make each and every one of your photographs look like a miniature frozen version of a slice of your everyday life.

  • Affordability – AAA Vancouver wedding photography and videography delivers great work for the price you pay. You can choose out of several easy payment schemes.

  • Quality – As a Vancouver wedding photographer known for bringing out the best in the world of photography, we hand over pixel-free, blot-free and glare-free photographs at the end of your casual photo shoot. AAA Movies Inc has Vancouver wedding videography services that feature the latest camera models. The promise of a quality service alone is enough for you to hire us, and we will prove to you what it is like to consult the most affordable Vancouver wedding photographer in town.